Stirling’s Green Vision for a Sustainable Electric Waste Truck

Ethan Robinson 19/06/2023 Waste Management
Stirling Electric Waste Truck

The City of Stirling is accelerating its efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future with the introduction of its inaugural electric waste truck. This eco-friendly change aligns with the city’s determined initiative to reduce emissions and operate vehicles more sustainably. The acquisition of this EV 8.5-tonne SEA 300-85 truck signifies a noteworthy advancement in the city’s green operations.

Allocated to the city’s waste services, the new electric truck plays a significant role in the collection of white goods and e-waste. After each run, the vehicle retreats to the city’s Recycling Centre in Balcatta, where it recharges before the next waste collection round.

The implementation of this electric-powered vehicle promises substantial environmental benefits. It’s projected to conserve approximately 6,200 litres of fuel annually, contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Over its six-year lifespan, this EV truck is expected to prevent around 42 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, marking a substantial stride towards the city’s climate goals.

Stirling’s EV Fleet Expansion and Community Support

The city is not new to the world of electric vehicles. Stirling took its first steps into the realm of EVs with the delivery of a Hyundai IONIQ EV and three Hyundai KONAs in the preceding year. These vehicles went straight into service, and Mayor Mark Irwin personally tested one to experience the realities of EV use in the city. The EV fleet continues to grow, proving the city’s serious commitment to renewable energy.

Community support for the city’s green initiatives has been overwhelming. A survey of local residents revealed an overwhelming majority in favour of the city’s renewable energy and carbon emission reduction targets. Over 90% of respondents agreed with the renewable energy target, with similar support for the proposed carbon emissions reduction.

Stirling EV Waste Truck
The City of Stirling’s new electric-powered waste truck. Credit: City of Stirling/Supplied

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Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future for The SEAP 2020-2030

The City of Stirling’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan 2020-2030 (SEAP) is the cornerstone of this eco-friendly transformation. The ambitious but achievable SEAP charts the city’s path to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Key milestones include sourcing 100% of electricity from renewables and attaining a 70% reduction in emissions by 2030.

The SEAP further outlines the need to transition the city’s fleet to electric vehicles and power them with renewable energy, thus making the inclusion of EV waste trucks like the SEA 300-85 pivotal to the plan’s success.

In the fiscal year 2021/22, the city substantially increased its investment in additional solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installations, setting aside a generous $600,000 to ensure the solar program’s completion by 2030. The program promises to lead to $3.3 million in energy cost savings by 2040 for the city and its ratepayers, compared to business as usual.

Furthermore, the three-year renewable electricity Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed by the city in December 2021 underscores its commitment to renewable energy. This PPA ensures the electricity needs of the city’s EV fleet, including the newly acquired electric waste truck, will be met by renewable energy sources.

The Journey Ahead and the Role of Stirling Skip Bin

The purchase of the electric waste truck, which replaces the outgoing Isuzu FVR-260 Tray-top Whitegoods Truck, is a significant milestone in the city’s 2022/23 fleet replacement prog This initiative is a testimony to the city’s relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions. From the increasing EV fleet to the widespread use of Stirling skip bin, the city continues to innovate and invest in creating a more sustainable future.

The City of Stirling has demonstrated a clear commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction, as evidenced by its shift towards electric waste trucks, the growing EV fleet, strong community support, and ambitious energy action plans. Through these initiatives, Stirling is steering towards a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

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