WasteVantage, a leading skip bin management software, offers a comprehensive solution to optimise workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

5G rubbish trucks have been unveiled in Melbourne in a move that could change waste management and community asset management forever.

Australia is failing to capitalise on the estimated $419 million of revenue potential by not recycling PET and HDPE plastics annually,

Greenwashing is when companies manipulate public perception to make themselves appear more environmentally friendly.

The single-use plastic ban will require updated waste management and recycling systems to handle increased volumes of alternative waste.

Generally, a skip bin can accept most household garbage, including paper and cardboard, clothing, furniture, and small appliances.

What Is a Building Skip?

Josh Alston 27/10/2022

When it comes to construction and renovation projects, a building skip is an essential tool for managing waste.

What Is E-waste Recycling?

Josh Alston 27/10/2022

E-waste poses a huge issue for our environment because many electronic devices contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury.

Where to Take Old Furniture to Dump

Josh Alston 02/10/2022

When you’re ready to take old furniture to dump it, you may be tempted to just put it out on the curb. But that’s not the best idea.

Looking for green waste collection in Armadale City? Home green waste collection is an important service that helps to keep Armadale clean.