Bin Sizes and Types

Front Lift Collection System

Front Lift General Waste 1.5m³

Front lift General Waste 3.0m³

Front lift General Waste 4.5m³

Front lift Cardboard and Paper Recycling 1.5m³

Front lift Cardboard and Paper Recycling 3.0m³

Front lift Cardboard and Paper Recycling 4.5m³

Front lift Plastic Recycleing 3.0m³

Front lift Plastic Recycleing 4.5m³

Rear Lift Collection System

Rear lift General Waste660L / 1100L

Rear Lift Cardboard Recycle660L /1100L

Plastic Recycle660L / 1100L
Rear lift 240Laka “wheelie bin”All front & rear lift bins available
with the below options:

  • Wheels
  • Lids
  • Locks
  • Custom made
  • Best suited to Mixed Waste types and recycling
  • Ideal for commercial and Industrial – Manufacturing, warehousing and retailing
  • Colour coded to Australian Standards
  • Available from 1.5m³ to 6.0m³


Skip and Hook Bins

  • Suited for large volume customers
  • Large fleet for construction and building sites
  • Mixed Waste types, Timber, Concrete, Metals and Bulk product
  • Range of sizes from 3m³ to 60m³
  • Asbestos
  • Product Destruction

Please call 1300 656 624 to check availability for the 10m³, 12m³, 15m³ & 30m³ bins

2m³(Approx. 2 Box Trailers)
3m_ GB
(Approx. 3 Box Trailers)
4m_ BWS
4m³(Approx. 4 Box Trailers)
6m_ D
6m³(Approx. 6 Box Trailers)

8m³(Approx. 8 Box Trailers)

10m³(Approx. 10 Box Trailers)

12m³(Approx. 12 Box Trailers)

15m³(Approx. 15 Box Trailers)

20m³(Approx. 20 Box Trailers)

25m³(Approx. 25 Box Trailers)